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20080705_AndreaGatti_tnGraduated in Aeronautical Construction from the "Leonardo da Vinci" Technical Insitute in Pisa and Industrial Electronic from the "Leonardo da Vinci" Technical Insitute in Florence.
In Trenitalia spa from 1978. I moved to the Technical and Research Division of Rolling Stock in 1981. Since 1983 I was involved in the Rolling Stock programmable Control & Communication system as software engineer. I participated in the development of the ETR Y 500 communication system (1987 prototype) and the definition of Quality Standards for software application in Trenitalia. In 1992 I was involved on the first Italian projects based on the IEC 61375 Train Communication Network standard, like the TAF EMU and the locomotives E464 and E412.
Then, I was involved in the standardisation process of the Man Machine Interface for Rolling Stock.
I was member of the CEN TC9X WG22 SGA (Sub Group Application) always related to IEC 61375 - Train Communication Network standard and WGB13 whose task will be to elaborate a standard for Electrical connectors used in Railway Rolling Stock.
I participated to some EU research projects like ROSIN (Railway Open System Interconnection Network) in the Work Package 04 Standard Application and later in the projects Traincom and Euromain.

The TrainCom Team

Now I am member of the IEC International Committee TC9 WG43 working on Standards for Train Communication Networks, the WG46 Onboard multimedia systems for railways and the CENELEC TC9X Working Group WG11 Energy Metering on Locomotive.

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Author of some technical papers and presentations in national and international magazines and conferences. Some of them are available on this web site.

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