Netobjects Fusion 9

A Nightmare: the Version Manager

Trouble in use the version manager? I can assure, sometime it WORKS!!!

Here you will find some hints about. Part of the content is the same posted on the

netobjects.npower.gen-discussion by “TheBox” the 11th November 2006 with some update.

Make sure you have the same update with nPower as the site you are working with NO9.x

Create the NOF9 file/web pages as per normal, then ensure you have filled out the "Versioning" information under Current Site Options (found under "Tools" "Options" "Current site" in top menu - then "Versioning" tab)

This is where you create a normal publish profile to your web server and the Repository path.
The right syntax of the Repository path depends also in the syntax of the home directory:


    Home directory

Version directory






    Last but not least, If the connection fail again, try to use a relative path for the repository directory, such as the following:
    Please, note the dot!!!>  



Check also if you have some missing assets, in that case, delete missing assets and the unused assets.

Wrong path, missing assets, FTP setting cause the following screenshots:



Then you click PUBLISH SITE icon at top as if you were just Publishing normally, check the Version Manager option and then click the Publish button


 This will create a Rollback point, the /repository directory etc. automatically.

In some cases, the connection to the ftp server fail, go to “Publish setting”, click the advanced option and check the “passive mode” box in “Advanced FTP” tab and try again.


Host provider

FTP mode

Aruba IT


Tiscali IT





From the  File menu, click on the “Version Manager, if all is running in the right way, you will be able to see the following screen shot:


Click on the “Export Connection credential” button in order to create the .NFC  file for your customer

You then go into nPower and "Open from a Remote Template", point to the .NFC file and it will open that file from your web server.  You need to "Save As" to the hard disk as well at this point as you do in NOF9.

You can then publish from nPower as you do in NOF9 once you've made changes.
The standard publishing information and repository path needs to either be typed in or you can in fact create an .nfc file out of NOF9 with this information already created if you want to give this to a customer.

When you publish or exit the program it will ask you for publishing/versioning information.

Now, the slightly tricky bit that caught me out first time:

If you want to make changes along with your client at this point, you DON'T open your original NOF file, you go into NOF9 and select "File" "Open from Remote Template" type in your Web Server information credentials again and select Save As and save it as something like "Original File Name-nPower"